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The quieter we are,
the more we hear

Amidst the beautiful nature of Central Slovakia, we offer a refuge for those who seek a peaceful place for their inner growth and advancement. We are an international meditation retreat centre based on theravada tradition for beginners, experienced meditators and monks.

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Take time for yourself and strengthen your individual practice – designed for experienced meditators


Deepen your meditation practice under the guidance of experienced teachers from around the world


Support us in our effort to maintain a warm and welcoming place for you, our teachers and visiting monks

Why start meditating? What is the regimen for a meditation course or a self-retreat?
Find out more before your first course and see the most frequently asked questions.

Information before the first meditation course

Meditation courses with a teacher

We have been inviting experienced monks and teachers from all over the world to Javorie for more than 10 years. You can practice concentration or insight meditation with us in a safe environment under qualified guidance.

45 day course with Beth Upton

45 day course with Beth Upton

10.01.2024 - 25.02.2024    
All Day
We invite you to a 45-day course designed for advanced meditators who have completed at least 1 retreat with Beth. Preference will be given to practitioners who sign up for the full length of 45 days. However if space remains available, we will allow a 30 ( from 10.1.2024 to 9.2.2024) or 15 day option (from 10.2.2024 to 25.2.2024). All participants must arrive on the first day of the course / part of the course. Registration is open from July 1, 2023 through July 31, 2023 Participants will be selected by lottery. Those of you who do not make the primary list will be placed on a waiting list. For the participants placed on the waiting list, it is important to be ready to arrive on a short notice. It has been our experience that a few spots become available a day or two before or on the day the course starts. As soon as we know of a vacancy, we will contact you by phone. Therefore, please include your current phone number with the international area code in the application form. Once you have registered for the course, you will receive an email confirming that you have been entered into the lottery. Once the lottery has taken place, you will be notified of your placement on the course or on the waiting list. If you need to cancel after being offered participation in the course, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can place a practitioner from the waiting list in your place.
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For old students


Individual meditation (or self-retreat) means meditating on your own in your kuti without a teacher and without attending a course. For the experienced meditator who has already attended several meditation retreats, self-retreat is a meaningful way of deepening one’s own meditation practice at the time and length that suits one’s individual needs.

  • available at a time that suits you
  • intended for more experienced practitioners
  • regimen based on individual needs and preferences

How does individual meditation work?

The practitioner is accommodated in one of the 14 small huts (kuti). These have shared facilities (kitchen, toilets, showers) outside the main building. In the kitchen you can prepare your own meals. If you wish, it is also possible to eat with the participants of a meditation course, if one is in progress (the food is always vegetarian). Everything you need is provided on site, so you don’t even need to bring a meditation cushion, just comfortable clothes.

What does it look like in the kuti?

A small kuti in an austere simple style with a bed (extra bed available) and a wardrobe. Kitchenette, toilet and showers are in shared facilities in a separate building. Accommodation available from May through October.


An oasis of silence
for spiritual work and advancement

A place amidst of beautiful nature that provides a safe haven for your meditation practice. A space that allows you to put aside your everyday personality and invite your inner being to work.

We are happy to share our space at Javorie, which primarily serves meditation, with groups who, like us, follow the path of inner growth and self-development. In an effort to maintain the meditative nature of our centre, we only host courses that we trust are in accordance with our mission. This is for example the new mindfulness style, yoga, qi gong, and others.

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Javorie has been organizing meditation retreats for over 10 years. In that time, hundreds of new students and experienced practitioners from all over the world have spent time with us under the guidance of renowned teachers from Europe and Asia. We see a deep sense in creating a conducive environment for meditation practice in maintaining and improving the centre’s grounds, expanding our library, hosting meditation teachers, looking after monks coming to us for longer stays (Vassa), and simply doing everything that is needed for the Centre to prosper.

Join us

Join us to help maintain our nonprofit operation. Get involved in outdoor activities or, if you are a pro in your chosen profession, help us with professional matters. We are volunteers ourselves and welcome any sincere help. We offer accommodation and meals during your volunteer work. If there is free time left over, you can enjoy the grounds for silent meditation and rest.

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Footpaths for walks through the area

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Dhamma talk by Bhante Sujivu

Listen to the recordings of Bhante Sujiva, the well-known Malaysian monk who devoted our center to the teachings of Dhamma.
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Together we allow Javorie to serve its purpose
for more than 10 years now

If you are passionate about our work and mission, you can make a one-off or a regular donation, or support us with your work.

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Your the first time on a meditation retreat

How does a
meditation retreat work?

During a meditation retreat, we go deeper into the silence of our presence. Verbal and non-verbal communication ceases and we are able to observe the inner manifestations of the physical, emotional and mental body. Focused and mindful, we observe things as they are in their nature. Getting started is easy and requires no prior practice.

Information before the first course

See what the meditation retreat on Javorie looked like for Martin Lajprík.


Term "sati" means mindfulness or awareness in the Pali language that has been used in the time of the Buddha. Sati is one of the seven factors of enlightenment and a key concept in Buddhist meditation and practice. It involves being present and attentive to one's own experiences, thoughts and emotions without judgment. It includes awareness of one's actions and intentions and their impact on oneself and others. By developing Sati properly, one can cultivate greater insight and wisdom, leading to a deeper understanding of oneself and the nature of existence.