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07.06.2024 - 16.06.2024

Meditation course with Bhante Gavesi

Bhante wishes those meditators to come to his retreat with a sincere heart and a fervent desire to cultivate their mind.

Register for the course


You can only register for the full length of the course.



Contribution is: 335 € 

The deposit for this retreat is 60 €

The Dána, or the supplement to the price is to be paid in cash at the centre. The contribution for the course consists of food, accommodation and partly the cost of transportation for teachers and his asistance.

Practical information


A vegetarian meal is served twice a day (breakfast, lunch). You are advised to follow eight precepts. If you find it too difficult, you can follow five precepts and have a light dinner (soup). For those who are allergic to certain food ingredients, a gluten-free or lactose-free diet is available. Please inform us of your dietary preferences in your application. Special dietary requirements announced upon arrival will be hard to accommodate.


Accommodation is in the main building, with 3 participants per room. You can indicate your interest in solo accommodation when filling in the registration form. Should the capacity allow it, we will try to meet your preference.


We offer an opportunity for voluntary help to the centre, approximately 15 to 30 min. per day. A selection of chores will be posted on the notice board from which you can choose one, for example: helping in the kitchen (cutting vegetables, putting dishes in the dishwasher, etc.), cleaning the common areas, cleaning the dining room, ringing the gong and other activities according to current needs. Working meditation is an important part of the practice during the retreat.

At the end of the course, before leaving, we ask everyone to clean their room and help with the common areas (halls, dining room, toilets, etc.). Information will be given to you on arrival. Noble silence and mindfulness are observed during karma yoga.

According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha's teachings cannot be expressed in money or material gifts. Dana to the Centre or teacher is an expression of the meditator's good will and financial standing. At the same time it is an opportunity to develop generosity as an inherent part of the practice.

Donations to support the meditation centre cover the running costs of the Centre and the travel expenses of teachers and his or her assistants. They do not include dána to the teacher. We would be grateful if you consider this and make a suitable donation to the teacher if it is in your power to do so.

Course registration

Reservations for this event are closed.