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Since 2013, our center has been dedicated to promoting meditation practice and cultivation of the mind. By consciously working with the mind, we develop its qualities so that we can properly understand the reality around us and choose the right speech and do the right things in our lives. If you care about the future of the meditation center and its mission you can become an active supporter and contribute to its daily operations and further development.

How will your donation support Javorie?

  • It will help us to organize courses so that not only you but also our teachers feel comfortable with us and we can create suitable facilities for the monks for longer stays (Vasa).
  • It will enable us to bring not only European teachers from “nearby” but also monastic teachers from Asia and cover their travel expenses.
  • It will help us to publish books and pamphlets on meditation.
  • It will allow us to cover the centre’s overheads, repair the small huts, build a garden and maintain the greenery in the centre’s grounds
  • It will allow us to offset the costs of staying for those of you who cannot afford the full cost, thus creating a level playing field for meditation practice


In the same way that it is constantly necessary to clean up your own mind, cleaning and working in Javorie is a journey that never ends. The dust begins to fall as soon as we have wiped it away. The work is an important part of the practice. Through it we learn how to bring the spirit of mindfulness into the ordinary activities of our lives.

During your volunteer work we offer you accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). If there is free time left over, you can enjoy the spaces for silent meditation and relaxation.

We have very limited time in the season to do most of the outdoor work, and we need to get as much done as possible in that time. Our calendar is relatively full, so we need to accommodate short gaps between courses so that participants are not disturbed by noise or increased activity in the outdoor area during the program. For this reason, in most cases it will be necessary to adapt to the dates offered.

Looking for pros

  • to help with social networks (fb, instagram) – sharing and promoting upcoming courses, informing about current events at Javorie (e.g.: the arrival of monastics for the Vassa), informing about news
  • to help with the youtube channel – making videos of courses, Dhamma talks and teachers’ talks, current events at Javorie, our plans, increasing visibility of fundraising campaigns.
  • to help find and maintain contacts with administrators of foreign websites of a similar focus (to promote Javorie, our courses and individual retreat opportunities)
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We are looking for handy people to help with

  • cooking for the monastics and volunteers (nutritious vegetarian food, respecting any dietary restrictions)
  • cutting the grass on our meadows with a scythe (possibility to teach other interested people)
  • mowing with a string trimmer (only possible during a period when no course is running)
  • raking hay
  • preparing wood for the winter
  • manual work around the buildings (finishing the tiling of the main building, repairing the small huts after a woodpecker attack, sanding and painting the large huts after 10 years)
  • manual work on the grounds – building paths, repairing fencing
  • window cleaning
  • carpet cleaning
  • creating a new park

2 percent of your taxes

If you have decided to donate 2% of your taxes to us please use the following details:

Name: 3lobit, o.z.*
Business ID:
Tax ID: 2022514725
Legal form: Civic association
Registered office: Jégého 5, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia

* SATI SLOVENSKO cannot register for the 2% for 2024, due to the fact that we missed the deadline for the publication of the purpose of the use of the 2% from 2021. However, in order to fulfil our mission, we will be supported next year by the civic association 3lobit, o.z., so we ask you to please direct your 2% to this organization, which will dedicate its tax allocation to us in full next year. Thank you for your understanding.


Financial donation

We welcome any financial donation, small or large, one-off or regular. According to your possibilities. Our vision is to have enough donors who will support the center so that the meditation classes can be as affordable as possible.

You can make a donation to our transparent account
SK03 1100 0000 0029 4614 1583.

Thank you!

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu..


The word "dāna" is a Sanskrit and Pali term that translates into English as "generosity" or "giving". In the context of Buddhism, it refers to the practice of generosity, which is a key virtue in Buddhism. It involves selfless giving (of materials, time, wisdom) in order to cultivate detachment, compassion, and to deflate ego for the sake of spiritual growth.