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Meditation Centre Javorie

Horný Tisovník 202
962 75 Horný Tisovník

Organization ID: 2021657022
IBAN: SK03 1100 0000 0029 4614 1583
How to get to Javorie

1. Own transport

Coordinates for GPS navigation:
N: 48.457366, E: 19.311219

Main orientation points:
From the west: Zvolen (E58) – Zvolenská Slatina (591) – Vígľaš (591) – Stará Huta (526).
From the east: Lučenec – Podkriváň – Stará Huta
From the north: Hriňová – Podkriváň – Stará Huta
From the south: Krupina – Pliešovce – Slatinské lazy – Stará Huta, or Dolná Strehová – Horný Tisovník.

Continue through Stará Huta about 5 km after the village until you see a sign on the left side of the road that says JAVORIE, turn sharp left and go down the hill. After a sharp right turn and additional hundred meters you will see a second JAVORIE sign on your right pointing towards the meditation centre.

We recommend using Google maps for navigation.
Waze offers an incorrectly set route.

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2. Public transport

Javorie Meditation Centre is located in forests of central Slovakia, where the public transportation is very limited.
The most convenient way to get to us is by train or bus to Zvolen. From there continue by bus. The nearest stops to Javorie are in the village of Stará Huta (Municipal Office – OÚ) or Horný Tisovník (Lazy), each located about 5 km from Javorie.
On weekends, most connections run via Slatinské Lazy (crossroads), a village located about 15 km from Javorie.

Please note: Connections during the weekend are even more limited. We will always come to the nearest bus stop to pick you up. However, you need to let us know your arrival time in advance.

3. Taxi

The price of a taxi from Zvolen is about 34€.
Go to Stara Huta and then follow the instructions for your own transport.


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