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Immediately after mowing the grass and cutting down the fallen branches and trees, which were quite abundant due to the heavy snowfall during winter, our plan is to utilize the shredded branches to establish paths throughout the grounds. The primary path will stretch from the parking area to the stream, passing through the ‘playground’ (walking meditation area), running alongside the pond, and going past the small huts. It will also connect to the new allotment and link up with the existing path leading to the side gate on the western part of the site. These pathways will not only provide convenient access to different areas but will also allow for leisurely strolls during rainy days or amidst the morning dew.

Additionally, these paths will help you discover tranquil spots in the serene Javorie surroundings, perfect for meditation or contemplation amidst nature. We are planning to install benches and create cozy nooks specifically for this purpose, offering you a peaceful retreat within the Javorie area.